Forever Doo Wop

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Doo Wop

If you would like to step back in time and hear some great, classic songs – you need to see Forever Doo Wop at the Riviera. It was kind of like taking a history tour from four VERY charismatic gentlemen. Jerome, Willie, Tom, and Hurley had incredible harmony while they were singing things like “Teenager In Love”,”Get a Job” or “I Only Have Eyes For You”.  Accopella?

They nailed it!

Great harmony – perfect falsetto – and you could tell they were really having a great time on stage! Their choreography was pretty animated and they even got out in the crowd to have audience members help sing “Under the Boardwalk”.

Now for the beautiful ladies…

They sang back up for the guys and had a few songs on their own. We knew something was “off” when we were listening to “Love Potion #9” and finally figured it out. One gal was simply singing too high. By straining to hit notes that aren’t in her natural register, it was a tad painful at times to listen to. The lovely lady with the longer hair sung lead on two different songs; song one was too high for her but she shone in song two with a lower octave. Either she isn’t a soprano or she had an off night.

Now, let’s talk drinks…(sigh). The cocktail waitress walked by us three times. We went to the usher and asked for water, then she sent the waitress over.

Y’all know my husband restored an antique juke box and we stocked it with classic 45’s — so it was easy to sing along (not loudly because I’m the person who tried out for the church choir and they suggested I think more along the lines of handbells…) This was a fun show and, it’s put on by the same cast as Forever Motor City. As it is earlier than most shows, you can easily sneak it in – you won’t be sorry!