Why I Still Fly United Airlines #unitedairlines

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Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated for this post in any way, shape or form but felt compelled to share our experience with you about United Airlines because it went from good, to better, to oh-my-freaking-goodness amazing.

why i still fly united airlines
Miss Sarah and I embarked on our journey to Germany with several Wisconsin church youth groups. We did not have any choice over the choice of tour groups, but were pleasantly surprised to see that we were flying via United Airlines.
Let me start by saying that some of these issues were from miss-information from the tour group but remedied beautifully by the United Airlines staff.
The fun started when we were checking in and the tour group had my name incorrect for my tickets. Security will not let a person pass if their identification fails to match their tickets and Miss Sarah was getting nervous. She thought they were not going to let me fly. The lady behind the counter was a whiz though, and soon I had tickets that perfectly matched my passport.
On to the security screening, where miss Sarah’s backpack was flagged for further search…
This is where I tell you my biggest travel tip: make sure you have any and all medical documentation with you at all times.
I was able to show her allergies, medications, conditions, because I had everything printed out and on me. I even had a letter from her doctor so we could have her EpiPen on board without any questions asked. Not only does this expedite things, but you make the job of the TSA person much easier. The backpack was completely restored and we went to our next step of our journey.
Let’s get past the gate change, the slight delay because of mechanical issues, and show up all of a sudden in New York as we hustle 33 Gates down to make our connection to Frankfort…
The tour group did not have me sitting even in the same row as Miss Sarah. The ladies at the counter were miracle workers and put us together in the back row.
Now I know what you’re thinking: the back row sucks! Actually, when its two of you in the three seats on a 777, it really is nice. You are close to bathrooms, very close to the kitchen, and it is super easy to get any help if you need it. I was ill with a horrendous migraine.
Thanks to the pounding migraine and having already been sick on the last flight, we boarded early before group one was even called. Miss Sarah got me a glass of water from the kitchen (thanks to another of United Airlines’ finest) and we settled in. Dinner was ready to be served shortly, & I asked what the choices were because of Miss Sarah’s allergies.
Crap, another thing that the tour group didn’t take care of was pre-notification of the food allergy…
When you are the last row, you are served​ last. By the time they got to us, there was a choice of vegetarian or pasta. Vegetarian was not an option for Sarah and the pasta was less than ideal for her. A dear flight attendant hunted down a chicken entree from a different food service cart. Sarah had two entrees to pick/choose from to come up with a decent meal. Add the fact that another flight attendant came up with an apple, banana, and orange for her and she was beyond tickled.
That might not seem like much to some people, but those momentary heroes really made a difference for us: I’m out with a migraine and with a tween daughter who was getting increasingly anxious.
I’d like to especially mention Richard, Margie and Eos. I would have added the names of the check-in lady, TSA person, and even the ladies at the gate who managed to put us together on the very crowded flight but I didn’t realize the rolling ball of events that would compel me to write this.
Midwest Express may have had warm chocolate chip cookies, Southwest Airlines might have flight attendants that make you chuckle, but give me an airline that takes the time to be problem solvers… from problems that were not even their fault.
Just look at how relaxed Miss Sarah was:
 That is the reason that I will continue to fly with United Airlines.
That being said, if they want to compensate me, I’m very easy to reach, lol. We’re doing a lot of traveling over the next 6 months:
  • July puts me in New York City
  • August in Hawaii (sorry, working with Hawaiian Airlines)
  • September is Hershey/Harrisburg PA
  • October takes me to Ireland
  • and the list just goes on…
You will read more about those escapades after you hear all about what we learned in Germany as we follow the footsteps of Martin Luther.
Until then, bon voyage!