Embassy Suites Takes Care Of You

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When I reflect on our trip to New York City, and our stay at the Embassy Suites, this is one thing that jumps to my mind. This picture pretty much says it all: it is a screenshot of a conversation I had with somebody on the staff of the hotel we were staying yet.


After a long day of travel, we overslept that morning. They checked in to see how we were doing and I told them. Matt turned around and brought us a tray of juice, milk, fruit, and donuts.

Yes, we were “rewards members” but in all my years of traveling, I have never had a hotel staff member go out of the way to make sure that we were taken care of like this.

This isn’t it for the amazing things that the Secaucus New Jersey Hotel of Embassy Suites has to offer! When you check in you get tickets for their breakfast. Besides the standard buffet that you see at other places, as there is a person who is ready to cook to order. Do you want an omelet? Pancakes? She has you covered.

What about in the afternoon? They have coupons for free drinks will they put out a light snack buffet.

Let’s talk about the pool? After a day in the city it was nice to just relax or unwind in a nice pool. Miss Sarah counted it as a daily tradition while I was a little sad that the hot tub was out of order. (sniff).

Security? You needed your key card to activate the elevators. I loved that fact!

This hotel within walking distance from a movie theater to a several dozen restaurants. Everything from Red Lobster to a fun burger joint is there to tempt your taste buds.

While the Embassy Suites Secaucus New Jersey hotel is a tad off the beaten path for a trip to New York City, we enjoyed removing ourselves from the fast and loud pace of life in the the city that never sleeps. It became our haven from heavy traffic, loud noise and the sea of neon lights. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoyed everything we did in the big city, but it was also nice to step away from it and relax.

Next time you are in the neighborhood, seriously, check it out for yourself.