Dog Friendly Breweries Portland Maine – Where to Go

Dog Friendly Breweries Portland Maine - Where to Go

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Portland is a must-visit beer destination because its craft beer industry creates some of the world’s most remarkable. What if you could unwind and have a fine beer at a brewery with your dog by your side? Nothing beats having a beer with your furry friend.

Dog Friendly Breweries Portland Maine - Where to Go

This also makes for a great date-night activity. So whether you’re looking for a new beer-night
spot or just want to treat your pup to a day out on the town, be sure to add Portland’s dog-
friendly breweries to your list. Below is a list you can start with while planning your pup-friendly
Portland brewery crawl.


50 Industrial Way, Portland

One of the top American brewers of beers in the Belgian style, Allagash Brewing Company, was established in Portland, Maine, by Rob Tod. The area is adorable and roomier than most of the other beer patios in the neighborhood, with lots of covered or shaded tables for those sweltering summer months.

The outside bar is a great spot to hang out with indoor and outdoor seats and a terrific patio for cold weather. Parking is no problem. Additionally, there are plenty of clean restrooms. There are several enjoyable games, good music, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Any friendly, well-behaved dogs are welcome, whether outside in our rock garden or on our covered patio. There is an excellent variety of house beers, and prices for good craft beers are fair. It’s a terrific destination for lunch because the food trucks there are so delicious. You’re invited to bring lunch or snacks anytime in the beer garden.


Industrial Way, #8 Portland

In 2013, Jake Austin and Will Fisher established Austin Street Brewery, which debuted in Portland, Maine, in early 2014 on Industrial Way. There are two locations for the brewery, one of which is a big tasting room for many to enjoy their incredible beer selection.

The food trucks are only around the corner, and there is lots of inside and outdoor seating. The outdoor space is lovely and quiet. The inside furniture is warm, inviting, and covered in hanging plants.

Strong heat lamps are available for the outdoor seats, which is fantastic on a chilly Maine day. On the Fox Street location’s terrace, well-behaved dogs are welcome. They are allowed to go inside and outside at the Industrial Way location.

Dog Friendly Breweries Portland Maine - Where to Go


17 Westfield St, Portland

Bunker Brewing is a boutique microbrewery with a small indoor taproom designed in a beer garden style with seasonal outside seating. Visitors can sample a wide variety of beers at the brewery. In addition to the terrace, there are many board games and a ping pong table. And even though Bunker doesn’t offer its own food, a variety of food trucks pass through every day.


35 Industrial Way in Portland

Definitive Brewing was established in 2017 by some friends and family members. At the company’s flagship location on Portland’s illustrious Industrial Way, the brewery converted a scaffolding company into a production brewery and tasting room.

The second facility is located in the commercial sector in Kittery, the southernmost town in Maine. Definitive Brewing Company is the go-to spot for craft beer and delectable American-style cuisine.

They also teamed up with High Tides Food Bar to serve traditional pub fare with a contemporary twist! Dog owners and canine companions can have a spectacular tasting room experience at this recently opened brewery.

It is a peaceful, unhurried environment. The tasting room offers a wide selection of exciting brews and is modern and neat. In addition, there is an indoor seating area with a large tent and another at the back. Their outdoor terrace is comfortable and well-maintained. Furthermore, their employees are courteous.

Field of Flowers North Farm
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72 COMMERCIAL ST, Portland

George Schenk invented American Flatbread in 1985 based on his personal dietary and social views. In 1988, he further developed the idea by adding a retail store and wholesale components. Flatbread company is home to traditional clay oven-made wood-fired pizzas made with organic ingredients and free-range meats.

In addition to exceptional pizza, they also provide local beers on tap. With a covered patio and picnic tables, the outside setting is pleasant. The support is impressive, and your four-legged buddies will feel at home. The pricing is fair, and the delivery is prompt.

Pro Tip: Set under the covered patio as warm days during the summer months can lead to sunburn for not only you but your pooch.


1 Industrial Way #5, Portland

The Foundation Brewing Company was established in 2014 on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, to create a company that improves the neighborhood one beer at a time. The establishment is welcoming and has pleasant outside sitting in addition to a nearby food truck serving Detroit-style pizza. Both parking and corn hole games are available.

There is an assortment of beers, from stouts to sours. Each of these beers’ smells entices you to take another taste. A tasting room and outdoor high-top tables are also present. The music selection is excellent and contributes to the energetic and enjoyable environment. Family and canine companions are welcome in the tasting room and patio.

Dog Friendly Breweries Portland Maine - Where to Go


125 John Roberts Road Unit 15, South Portland

Island Dog Brewing was founded in 2016 by Jim and Jody, a husband and wife partnership, as a small craft brewery specializing in brewing ales with Belgian and German influences, herbal and spice ales, and seasonal ales.

The brewery was named after two rescue dogs the owners brought to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. You can get your pet with you inside the taproom. You can also order pizza from OTTO Pizza, housed in the same structure, or order something from a food truck (Fridays and Saturdays) or bring your meal if you like.

The ambiance is excellent. There are a lot of rooms, entertainment, and games. Both indoors and outside, there are many tables, including patio tables. There is always free parking, and the brewery is big and light, with many fantastic seating options. The staff provides prompt, courteous service.


49 Washington Ave, Portland

Oxbow blending and bottling is in the small town of Newcastle, Maine. All of their aged beers are blended and packaged. There is a bar outside with a few beers on tap, but another bar with more selections inside. There are lots of enjoyable alternatives, and they also offer bottles of the majority of their brews.

The room is thoughtfully constructed. There is seating inside and outside and plenty of space to spread out. The atmosphere is always impeccable, and dogs are welcome, too. The staff is courteous. There is excellent music and an incredibly interesting changing exhibition.



180 Commercial St., Portland

The Portland Lobster Company has been serving up Portland’s most splendid view, live music, and the freshest seafood from Maine for some years and is situated on the waterfront on busy Commercial Street in Portland.

You may get a ton of fresh seafood from the menu, including sandwiches, soup, stew, salads, fried platters, and more, in addition to the best lobster rolls in the area. There is comfortable and pet-friendly outside seating and a tent if you need additional warmth. The cost is fair as well. There is a fantastic selection of cuisine, local beer, and live music.


41 Fox St., Portland

In a tiny shed, Portland Zoo opened the barn doors in October 2018 as a bar that played funk, soul, and hip-hop music. They now offer their Zoo and local and imported beers throughout the year. Both house brews and visitor taps are available in the Super fabulous beer garden.

The trendy neighborhood pub has lots of character. It has a back patio that is perfect for bringing your dog. You can also purchase some inexpensive snacks and local beer.

There is outdoor seating available, and the menu’s selection of beverages is excellent. There is a beautiful outside space and more sitting within a different building.



103 Fox St., Portland.

The independent, family-run Rising Tide Brewing Company is the focal point of Portland, Maine’s thriving East Bayside district. Rising Tide Brewing Company serves beer in a spacious tasting room along with living entertainment, food trucks, and brewery tours.

The music is excellent, and the ambiance is terrific. The prices are reasonably low. The staff is the most welcoming, and they offer great beer. The food choices are also rather extensive and good. The terrace outside is lovely. Pets can accompany their owners on the asphalt patio outdoors.


135 Washington Ave., Portland

A legally operating brewery, Root Wild, specializes in kombucha and tea-infused brews.

When feasible, they use foraged, locally grown, and organic ingredients. The kombucha flight is lovely.

There are plants, a rustic/lazy atmosphere, indoor and outdoor space, a mixed crowd, board games, and shuffleboard to put you in a pleasant mood. The restrooms are tidy. This establishment has a hip vibe and is relatively inexpensive.

It’s an excellent place to hang out with people, children, and dogs. But only the summer terrace is dog-friendly. There are parking spaces in front, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It’s also a great location to relax and read a book!



37 Exchange St, Portland

In February 2017, the family-owned Thirsty Pig opened. They promote their savory house-made sausages and extensive selection of craft beers. Thirsty pig has a fantastic assortment of beers

and a calm atmosphere inside and outside. Inside the restaurant, there are many seats available for patrons.

Behind the restaurant, there is a deck and a few specially-made shelters. You can also get a quick snack. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to sit on the outdoor benches in the paved dog-friendly area. Water bowls and shaded areas are made available for the furry buddies. No designated customer parking places exist.


200 Anderson St., Portland

Portland, Maine-based Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF) is a center for community engagement and the production of fermented beverages. There are great drinks and fantastic music available. The environment is expansive, beautiful, and natural, with a lovely combination of indoor and outdoor areas.

A large patio outside offers a lively atmosphere, and the staff is pleasant and courteous. The bathrooms are luxurious and spacious. Many fun activities are available, such as board games, Jenga, corn hole, and darts.



The next time you and your pup are looking for a place to grab a pint, consider visiting a dog-friendly local brewery in Maine. After all, what’s more American than enjoying a cold beer with your best friend by your side? So raise a glass to responsible pet ownership and local businesses supporting customers with their four-legged friends.

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