DIY: Disney Autograph Book

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We are surprising Miss Sarah with a

Disney Trip this year!
(We went the last two years and
we didn’t want her to EXPECT it…)
I have been prepping things on the sly,
and this is another one of those projects.
I took Kraft 8.5 x 11 card stock and cut it in half,
and eight sheets of white card stock,
cut in half too.
 With my handy-dandy Bind-It-All,
I cut the holes on the edge and added the coil.
I cut Mickey out with my Cricut, along with the red letters… simply gluing them to the front.
On the coils, I used red, yellow and black fibers and ribbons – to match Mickey.
Now, here is the important part!
I want to be able to add PICTURES to the inside!
Some characters use the WHOLE page when they sign…
so I had to be “preemptive”.
I got out my Stampin’ Up Jumbo wheel and rolled part of the pages.
Those “rolled” spots just became my photo mats.
I was tempted to take just a white photo mat to have them sign,
but feared it would get schmucked in the back pack we take to the parks.
OK, using supplies I had on hand, I made a book for FREE
instead of paying $10-15 for one.

Every bit saved is a good thing, right?