Disney: Bippidi Bobbidi Boutique

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In 2011, we had scoped out a “special treat” for Miss Sarah as she had saved her pennies (and more) to go. She decided on this.

It’s an AMAZING treat for any little girl but can run anywhere from $59.95 to over $200.00- before stylist tip. There are two locations: one in Magic Kingdom (you need a park ticket to go there) and one at Downtown Disney. BOTH need reservations as they are quickly booked up… I have seen people walk in and be turned away.

The basic Princess Style is what we went with the Crown Package .. cute princess hair, crown, nails, makeup (light and tasteful) and face gems. $54.95 plus tip – and she reveled in it. If you are celebrating a birthday, make sure you mention it when you book the session and your little princess will get a Birthday Princess Sash instead of a simple Princess Sash.

It was a hit and she slept in that hairstyle for a week before she let me comb it out.

There are other styles like the Courtyard Package for $89.99 that includes a different style, shirt, tutu and sash, along with the make up/nails, etc.

The hubster surprised her with a little trip when I was doing Tupperware stuff. They were ‘going to lunch’ and hit Downtown Disney. It was too early for lunch he said – and suggested they pop in so she could get some “Fairy Dust” — a free spritz to all youngsters who visit.

Once inside, he asked if she would like to be a princess… and she just about dropped on the spot. If you ask her now, what what was the most favorite thing about being at Disney 2012 – she will say her surprise from Daddy. (Never mind that Mommy made the reservation weeks in advance, LOL)
You can see her delight before they started:

One Fairy God Mother was doing nails and the other started on the hair 
She never smiles like this when I do her hair……..(sigh)
VERY patient… almost an hour in the chair for the hair!
Time for some Fairy Dust
Now. There is also the GRAND package – where they get a dress up costume,
shoes and all the hair goodness… but it’s pricey.
$189.95 is the STARTING price for their Castle Package which has the Crown Package components plus Imaging Package (one 6″ x 8″ and four 4″ x 6″ photos in a princess-themed photo holder) and complete Disney Princess costume with coordinating wand and tiara accessories—
starting at $189.95 plus tax.
This will NEVER happen in our family.
***TIP: If you plan ahead… take your OWN costume with you and just get the Crown Package, your little princess will be just as tickled.
The Merida Costume we took to the Magic Kingdom and the Princess Breakfast was under $20.00 at Target, with the accessories on sale for under $5 (crown, necklace and earrings).
The basic Merida Dress at Disney started at $89.99
Now, let’s not leave the little guys out – they have a The Knight Package which includes hair styling as well as a mighty sword and shield for $15.95 plus tax.
What did we come home with for our $89.99?
Princess Hair (lasted 6 days)
Box with 2 Princess Nail polishes in it that sell in the gift shops for $6.00 each
Leftover makeup (they use a fresh kit for each princess so no worries on catching something)
More face Jewels
A cute pink drawstring bag (I am thinking for her gymnastics stuff)
A pink Comb
T-shirt and a TuTu Skirt – a combined $45 price tag.
Besides my “gift of the day” for her, these were her souvenirs.