Banking on Disney

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The Tupperware National Convention (Jubilee) is in Orlando this year and at a Disney Hotel. We are going and taking Ms Sarah for her first ever, Disney experience!

We are doing a lot of it on the cheap:
**Driving down instead of the three of us flying and renting a car for a week.
**Taking the Tupperware room block at 75% off retail!
**Buying food at a local store and using our room fridge and microwave
**Getting park passes through Tupperware and more!

I want her involved in this – from the planning on up so we are starting at the beginning. Saving money! We turned an empty milk jug into a bank! First we washed it and then she decorated it with dinosaur stickers and sharpie markers.
Isn’t it beautiful?

Spare change will go in here, until it hopefully fills and we have to create a second bank. We started feeding it with all the change we found in the house. I hope this helps teach her the importance of setting a goal and breaking it down into bite sized pieces to make it happen. Saving for something and planning vs just expecting it to be given to her…know what I mean?

Remember the Hope House banks from our church? We did the same thing for one month and had over $30 in it, so we are hoping to tuck over $300 into the new bank before we leave. This should cover park passes and a character breakfast!

My favorite part of this trip will be a few days with my big sissy – she lives in Florida too and it’s another great reason to go!
Do you have a fun family event that you are looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Banking on Disney

  1. I am so happy you get to go with her. There is nothing like a Disney trip with a child. I am going in March with my grown son and my 73 year old mom. The we are going again the first week in April with our grandchildren and my hubby’s whole family for a 4 generation family reunion. For that trip we rented a 7 bedroom vacation home right outside Disney for $800 a week split between all of the people going. That is a huge savings and the house is awesome.

  2. PS I have a ton of Disney books that explain each ride and show and give plenty of tips for going there with kids of all ages. I would be happy to lend them to you as I get into Sun Prairie often. Just yell if you would like to read them.

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