A Stop at Good’s Candy Shop

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Today we are going to request you to come with to a small Indiana city called Anderson, which you find in Madison County. Anderson is a unique city for its mixture of people but what has made this small city really stand out in the tourism map is the presence of a chocolate shop that goes by the name of Good’s Candy Shop. But what is unique and great about Good’s Candy Shop? Literally, everything. Let us enlighten you with the history of this iconic shop.

A stop at goods candy shop

The Good family has been making chocolates as a family business since the 1940s. It was in 1992 that Randy Good took over the family business and they have never looked back since then. They opened a new Anderson building in 2003 and it will be a real sin not to stop by whenever you pass through the state of Indiana. Yes, it is that good.

A Stop at Good's Candy Shop

Once you enter the candy shop, you will be impressed by almost everything – the layout of the store, the thoughtful selections, the freedom to tour the kitchen and, lest we forget, the ice cream. The mint milk chocolate is a specialty here and you will truly savor the moment it hits the mouth. It will take a Herculean task to hold yourself back from buying at least a pound of this delicious offering!

A Stop at Good's Candy Shop

If your eye go crazy when you see popcorns then you should try their caramel/cheddar combo. Don’t buy many packs of it because it will never last in your house. Chances are you will have them all en route! We tried several “snack packs” to get a feel fo the different flavors.

The Good’s Candy Shop also offers a variety of seasonal offerings such as peppermint Crunch Oreos and Apple Candy Cane. They also manufacture specialty chocolates that are designed for older women so that they can manage their hormone levels. Never thought that these kind of chocolates ever existed ! Among the specialty chocolates, the dark chocolates covered raisin also deserves special mention.

A Stop at Good's Candy Shop

If you ever thought that Good’s Candy Shop was only about chocolates then you are wrong. they also have a wide variety of ice creams. They have more than 30 varieties of ice creams on offer and they have a ‘GOOD’ habit of introducing a new flavour every week. We suggest that you try the chocolate malty which is simply delicious and you will never be satisfied with just one.

A Stop at Good's Candy Shop

If you are coming here during the summer months then you can come during the weekends as they regularly host events with free events and activities for the kids and their family. Even the ice creams are on sale during those days. While there can be various reasons for not being able to come here, do not fret; you can always order online at http://www.goodscandyshop.com/ and get the sweet delights delivered right at your home!

Everything you see pictured was what we choses to take home with us and came in just under $25. We picked a selection of truffles (oh. my. goodness. yummy.), flavored popcorns, cake bites and gummies. Honestly? I just wanted to see what lemon popcorn was like and holy buckets! It was like eating lemon curd cake! While the truffles were a tad smaller than we were used to, they packed an incredibly rich punch…and the gummies were super fresh and chewey.

Don’t pass up the hoto op for the quirky giant banana split – the goofy roadside attractions make for great scrapbook memories! You can’t miss it, it is right in front of their store.