6 Top Heart Healthy Travel Snacks

heart healthy travel snacks

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Heart Healthy Travel Snacks? We all love summer especially when we have the opportunity to take a fun family road trip. Whether just for a few hours or a week long vacation, having healthy travel snacks onboard not only can save you money on the road, but also lessens the guilt of indulgence a the roadside diner. Here are just 6 of the top travel snacks that can fill you up and not fill you out.

Top Heart Healthy Snacks for Travel by www.Operation40k.com

6 Top Heart Healthy Travel Snacks

Mixed nuts

A jar or container of high protein packed mixed nuts will satisfy the crunch and salt cravings that pop up on the road. Try low sodium nuts as an option because the taste is just the same with less salt.

Fresh fruit

Tangerines, bananas, and apples make a great travel snack. High in vitamins and minerals, all three are easy to eat and are great for your health. Just keep a small trash bag handy in your car and dispose of on your next pit stop.

heart healthy travel snacks

String cheese

How easy is string cheese? Very! Pre-packaged individual cheeses are an excellent choice for a healthy road trip snack.


With all the wonderful varieties from light, low-fat, and Greek flavors, individual yogurts and a plastic spoon is all you need. Kids even love the pre-packaged yogurts that squirt right into their mouths. Fun and easy!

heart healthy travel snacks

Mini pretzels

You can’t beat mini pretzels as an easy go to snack. Whether you buy them in individual bags or make your own at home in small snack bags, mini pretzels go great with cheese or try some hummus. Now they have hummus snack packs available in your supermarkets.


Yes, you can eat fresh vegetables on the road. Simply cut up a batch of carrots, celery, and even cucumbers and store in sealed bags in your cooler. Super crunchy and great with that hummus. It’s fun to make small bags and plan ahead.

Those are our favorite things for on the road snacking — what are your favorite items?

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