5 Ways to Save Money at #Disney

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5 ways to save money at Disney
I think it is every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland at least once in their lifetime. After all, it is the happiest place on earth! Although if you are a parent, you know that it is not necessarily the happiest place for our bank accounts. Disneyland can get to be preetttyy expensive, especially if you have multiple family members to take along. This is why I am going to be sharing with  you my 5 tips for saving some money while you are visiting Disneyland.
1. Take Advantage of the Age Rule: If you didn’t already know, children under the age of three get into Disneyland/Disneyworld for free! I would highly recommend taking advantage of this time frame. Take your little ones as much as you possibly can while they are under three years old because it gets much more expensive after they turn three.
2. Don’t Eat at The Park: Food is probably where you will spend the most money in the park. I would recommend eating a big breakfast before you go and when it comes time for lunch, either head out to a local restaurant to save some money, or you are actually able to pack your own lunch and snacks as well.
3. Carpool: If you are traveling in a large group, I would highly recommend carpooling into as few vehicles as possible because the parking fee is pretty steep, and you won’t want to pay it for a whole bunch of cars.
4. Spend as Much Time as Possible There: One hidden savings tip is to spend as much time as you can inside the park. If you’ve heard the expression, time is money, those people are right! I recommend heading out to the park early and staying as late as you possibly can, get your money’s worth because it is not cheap at all.
5. Buy Tickets Outside the Park: Lastly, buy your tickets ahead of time and not inside of the park. If you purchase your tickets online, or through an outside vendor they tend to be a few dollars cheaper. If you are buying multiple tickets that few dollars adds up because it is per ticket.
Disneyland is definitely an amazing time and something I love to do with my family, but it can get to be  pretty expensive and these are just a few simple ways that I like to save a bit of cash when I visit.