5 Underrated Disney Experiences

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I think that everyone know how much fun Disney World is, I mean it is coined as the Happiest Place on Earth after all! However, a lot of people don’t know that there is even MORE fun to be had at the park than what you would think. There is simply so much to do at Disney World that there is no way you can do every single activity and attraction in one day. Unfortunately that means there gets to be quite a few attractions and experiences that are overlooked and aren’t visited quite as much. Today I am sharing with you 5 of those underrated experiences that you should definitely check out next time you’re at Disney.
1. Walking Through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle: A lot of you have probably passed Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disney but a lot of people haven’t actually taken the time to walk through it and enjoy the full experience. It’s so cool to actually go inside and hear the full story of Aurora, but be sure to watch out for Maleficent!
2. Pin Trading: A lot of people know about pin trading at Disney, and a lot of people have absolutely NO clue what it is. If you didn’t already know what pin trading is, it is basically that you can wear a lanyard around your neck with all of your pins on it, you can then trade your pins if you have one that you don’t want with other people. Find Cast Members that are wearing lanyards and if they have one you want, ask them to trade. It is such a fun experience, especially for kids and it is a great way to interact.
3. Character Meals: Although this isn’t necessarily an “underrated” experience, it is often passed up people because they just don’t find it necessary or they don’t think it’s worth the money. Trust me, it is definitely worth all of it. Having character meals is so much more of a one on one experience than just meeting the characters quickly in the park. Just to see the joy in your kids eyes makes it well worth paying a little extra for that meal.
4. The Magic Projection Show: Most people know about the beautiful firework show at Disney World, but have never heard of the projection show at night. It is projected on the front of Cinderella’s Castle and it is simply a beautiful projection show and you will see scenes from some of your Disney favorites while hearing music.
5. Hall of Presidents: Lastly, a lot of people don’t know anything about the Hall of Presidents. Here you are able to see every single one of the United States presidents and learn all about the history of America. This is a great way to incorporate a little bit of education into your kid’s experiences.
If you’ve never done any of these awesome experiences, or even heard of them, be sure to ask about them and try to actually get to do them the next time you are at Disney because I promise you…they’re absolutely magical.