5 Tips Everyone Should Know for Using the Disney Bus System

Disney Bus system

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Using the Disney Bus system is probably one of the most popular ways to travel around the Walt Disney World. The bus system in Disney World is used to transport guests to all resorts, theme parks, Disney Springs, and more. It is pretty straightforward even though it may seem like a very complex system at first.

Sarah riding the disney bus system

5 Tips Everyone Should Know for Using the Disney Bus system

Schedule of the Disney bus system

The Disney bus system schedule is based on the operating hours of the Disney Parks. Usually, buses will start operating for about an hour or 90 minutes before the openings of the parks. They will also stop running about an hour after the parks are closed. Make sure that you check with the front desk of your Resort or Park to get more accurate and updated time schedules. Keep in mind that bus drivers will always announce the latest drop-off times.

Strollers and wheelchairs

Make sure that your strollers are folded up before the bus pulls up. Even if there is enough room on the bus, you won’t be able to have it unfolded, according to a Federal Transportation Law. There is a citation on every single bus telling you this.

When it comes to wheelchairs, vehicles are able to accommodate standard wheelchairs. However, only two wheelchairs are allowed on a bus. Bus drivers will always help you to get on the best on a rear end. Never try to enter through the back doors as these are made only for people with special needs.

Food and drinks

You are not permitted to have food or drinks on a Disney bus so keep in mind to store them away before you enter on a ride. However, employees won’t take away your food and drinks, but you should try to follow the rules and respect everyone else on the bus as you can expect everyone else to respect you.

Resort tips

If you want to get to ESPN Sports Complex, you will have to take a bus from Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Pop Century Resort, and All-Start Resorts.

To get to Pop Century or Art of Animation resorts, you will have to know that these routes are maintained by separate buses, but drivers won’t ask for proof at which resorts you are staying at. This means that you can choose whatever bus you want to and then just walk across the bridge to get between the resorts. You will wait less and you will have more options!

Bus lines closure

It is not necessary to get onto a bus when the park is near closure or when the lines are very long. Resorts are aware of this and an empty bus will show up in just a few minutes so that everyone can have a good time! However, with a huge amount of guests visiting Disney World every single day, the transportation system will be out of control. Just make sure that you show up 60-90 minutes early and you will be ready to go without any troubles.

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Disney Bus system