5 Things to do While Waiting in Line at Disney

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I wouldn’t be guessing if I say that a lot of people don’t like standing in line. Disney FastPass was invented because of this, right? There are a couple of ways to spend the time if you have to wait in the queue though. Waiting at an amusement park is not the most interesting thing, but there are things you can do. Your goal is to keep kids busy while you’re waiting in line, probably. Check out these five things to do while waiting in line at Disney.

5 things to do while waiting in line at Disney

5 Things to do While Waiting in Line at Disney

Play a game

Who am I? – A pretty fun family game. One person has to choose a character from a Disney movie and others are questions that only have yes or no answers. The one who guess a character gets to choose a new character.

Pictionary – Keep a pen and a notebook close to play a quick Pictionary game. The artist has to think of something from a Disney movie and everyone else has to guess the character, movie, or the song.

Search for hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are everywhere, literally! You will probably a couple of them on your own. However, if you really want to know where they are you can buy one of the Hidden Mickeys books and search for them all the time!

things to do while staying in line at Disney

Toy time!

Small children usually get very squirrelly while they wait in line. Make sure you give them something so that they get occupied. They will stop hanging over each other, climbing on the rows of bars and squabbling. Take a doll, a race car, or a small action figure and you will keep your child busy. Kids always love light-up spinners, especially at night!

Take a bottle of bubbles with you and let your kids blow them. Avoid taking big toys with you, for example, a light saber. Also, don’t bring toys that will annoy other people, like big balloons that will hit guests on their heads.

Plan your next meal

You can talk to your group where you will be eating next if you didn’t make any dining reservations in advance. In case you made a reservation, you can talk about what you’re going to eat. It will save you a lot of time in the restaurant and you’ll have more time to enjoy the food.

You can try to print the restaurant menus and check them while you are waiting in line. Let everyone decide what they’re going to eat ahead of time. This will allow your group to sit down and talk while only one person is ordering everything for everyone!

mickey mouse waffles

Apply some sunscreen

This may not seem like fun, but we all know that sunburn is definitely not fun! Waiting in line will make you feel like you are cooking under the sun! This is a perfect time to apply some sunscreen. Pat off the sweat if it’s really hot and apply the sunscreen then.

Try to avoid spray-on sunscreen while you’re in the queue as you don’t want to annoy other people with an occasional spray in their eyes!

What other things do you do when you find yourself waiting in line at Disney? Tell us!

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