5 Smart Reasons to Rent an RV for Your Next Family Vacation

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Why wait for something fun and exciting to do, to spend our vacation days doing? Planning vacations can be a little tough with all the options available. An RV is almost literally like your home on wheels. You can make a stop whenever you need or want to for breaks on your time, and not conflict with anyone elses’ schedules.  That is why we have come up with 5 smart reasons to rent an RV for your next family vacation!

5 Smart Reasons to Rent an RV for Your Next Family Vacation

Traveling in an RV is an adventure all in itself. You have everything you need from hindering the time to your destination.
Renting an RV is a different experience over traveling in a car.


Here are 5 great reasons you’ll find taking an RV for you next family vacation will beat all other plans for travel: 

You’ll save money

Renting a hotel room can be costly, especially if you’ve brought along the family dog. Renting an RV will save you at least 75% on rooming instead of staying at a hotel. Although renting an RV comes with higher cost of gas, you’ll save on everything else, so that will make up the difference. A full service stay at an RV park will run you about $25-$45 a night but you can rent an RV for under $150 per day!

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You’ll save money on meals since you can cook right in the RV and not run out for fast food at every meal.

You also usually get 24/7 emergency roadside assistance on every booking at RVshare!

Family time

The family will have time to spend together while RVing because you are all there, along for the ride. With today’s busy schedules for everyone in the family with meetings, soccer, gymnastics, and baseball games heading out on an RV gives families uninterrupted time together. Taking part in family activities like eating a meal or telling stories around a fire helps strengthen the bond between the family.

5 Smart Reasons to Rent an RV for Your Next Family Vacation


To travel in an RV is a one in a lifetime opportunity. You get to travel to places cruises or airplanes can’t take you. Along the way you’ll get to see the monuments, the historical and latest attractions, track where animals have been using their own tracks, looking up at the stars at night. You can bring along a pair of binoculars to watch the birds flying around in the breezes whenever you’d like, even on the road. While camping children can develop an appreciation of nature.


While staying at RV parks or a campground these are great places to meet new people and make new friendships. Campgrounds offer games, movies, and other entertainment while you’re there. You can meet adults and have a chat or swap stories while the kids play with their kids.

Time outdoors

National parks have gorgeous scenic views you can check out since your RV offers front row seating to all of these, see the large mountains, forests, lakes, and beaches. You can relax taking in the fresh air while hiking, swimming, fishing, or roasting s’mores over a campfire. You’ll get a renewal from nature you might not get anywhere else.

If you think any of these sound great to you then get on the phone with an RV rental company. You and your family will love the decision to take your vacation on the road and off.

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