5 Fun Things to Do at Animal Kingdom as a Family

things to do at animal kingdom

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If you love going to the Zoo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to be a blast for you. It is like the Zoo times 10! I find this park to be a really great place to spend the day with the kiddos as a family. There is so much to do and so many amazing things to see throughout the park. I know personally I always have a really great time there and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom as a family.  

Things to do at Animal Kingdom:

1. Finding Nemo – The Musical:

Finding Nemo is one of my all time favorite children’s movies. I think it just has an amazing story of an unbreakable bond of friendship and it is so amazing to see the story come to life in an on stage, live version. I think that they do such a good job of telling the story and it truly is an amazing experience for both the children and the adults in attendance.  

2. The Tree of Life:

Visiting the Tree of Life is such an amazing and moving experience. There is such beautiful essence to this tree and there are so many details carved in with so many stories to tell. I would say this is probably my favorite thing to see throughout the entire Animal Kingdom.  

Things to Do at Animal Kingdom tree of life

3. Things to Do at Animal Kingdom? Meeting Characters: 

Meeting characters at the Animal Kingdom is such a different and awesome experienced compared to meeting characters at Disney World. It is different because sure yes, you get to meet your standard characters like Mickey and Minnie but in addition to that you get to meet awesome characters that are not at the Magic Kingdom such as Rafiki from The Lion King or Flick from A Bug’s Life!  

4. Discovery Island Trails:

The Discovery Island Trails are such a cool way to experience the Animal Kingdom. You get to walk around these peaceful and serene trails around The Tree of Life while looking at the beautiful scenery and seeing various wildlife along the way. This is such a beautiful way to calm down and have a peaceful day.  

5. The Tusker House Restaurant:

If there was one restaurant for me to recommend to you, it would be The Tusker House is the perfect safari dining experience. Everything is perfectly themed and the food is outstanding. This was by far my favorite meal of my vacation.   If you’re visiting the Animal Kingdom sometime soon, I would highly recommend checking out these amazing places and attractions within the park. They definitely made my experience worth it and I know they will for you too!

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