5 Fun Facts About Universal Studios

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Universal Studios is so much fun and an amazing place to go if you are wanting to have a fun day or have a great place to go for a vacation spot! Universal Studios have so many amazing rides and there is something for everyone. I think we all know that Universal Studios is a great time and there are so many fun things to do there but I have come up with 5 things about Universal Studios that you probably don’t know about and they will make your trip so much better!

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5 Facts About Universal Studios That You Didn’t Know

1. You Can Get a Free Birthday Pin at Guest Services:

If you are going to celebrate your birthday, just head on over to the Guest Services booth and let them know. They will provide you with a special birthday pin with your name on it that you can where around the park, what do you know? A free souvenir!

2. Ring the Doorbells at Despicable Me Minion Mayhem:

A special surprise occurs when you ring the doorbells on the house in Gru’s neighborhood at Minion Mayhem, ring them and see for yourself what happens!

3. Don’t Pay for Photos with Characters:

Depending on your preference, you can choose to pay money for professional-grade photos that photographers in the park will take for you or if you want to save a chunk of money, take the photos yourself on your phone or camera!

4. Buy Your Souvenirs and Pick them Up Later:

A great feature that you can find is that they offer the opportunity to buy souvenirs throughout your day and then have them sent upfront and you can pick them up on your way out.

5. Universal Studios Offers Meal Packages:

If you plan to be at the park all day long I would highly recommend purchasing the meal plan! A lot of people don’t know that Universal offers this service but it will save you a big chunk of money for your meals throughout the day.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fun hidden facts about Universal Studios. These are sort of like some hacks for the park and they will make your day so much easier, more affordable, and so much more fun!

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