5 Apps You NEED When You Visit Disney World

5 Apps You NEED When You Visit Disney World

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With today’s world of technology, we do anything and everything on our phones and smart devices. I know they come in handy quite often when you are out and about in the world. For example, your phone can be extremely useful when you are visiting a place like Disney World. I have found so many great apps that make my Disney trips so much easier and efficient. Today I am going to be sharing with you 5 apps that are great to have when you are planning to visit Disney World.  

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5 Apps You NEED When You Visit Disney World

1. My Disney Experience:

The My Disney Experience app is an app that is straight from Disney and it is great for planning your Disney vacation, viewing restaurant menus, accessing your photos from the parks, and so much more. It is the epitome of your perfect Disney trip.  

2. Find My Friend:

If you’re going to Disney in a group, Find My Friend is a great app to have. You can friend people and then you can see each other’s exact locations. This makes it so much easier to find each other if you get separated for whatever reason or if you are both going to different parts of the park and plan to meet up again later.  

3. Wait Times for Disney World:

This app will pull up every single attraction and ride within the park and it will tell you what the wait time for that ride or attraction is. This is great for planning out rides in the order that you would like to ride them.  

4. Instagram:

Instagram is a great app to have while you are at Disney because Instagram is a great way to share all of your memories and good times while you are having fun with your loved ones. Save your memories and share them with all of your friends and family.  

5. Disney Dream Treats:

Now lastly, this app you are probably thinking has nothing to do with visiting the park but this game is Disney themed and it is perfect for your kids to play the game while you stand in line. We all know how impatient kids can be, this will keep them occupied while you wait.   If you plan to be visiting Disney anytime soon, be sure to check out some of these awesome apps. This will definitely help with your trip and these apps are absolutely great to have on hand.

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