100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die

100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die

You can read more about our donations here (Why I’m Giving Half a Million Dollars to Wisconsin)

Need a Speaker?

If you need a speaker for your group or want to have a chance to use this book to raise money for your own cause, reach out to us at 100ThingsWI@gmail.com.

Wisconsin Trivia

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Bulk book orders are Welcome!!

Are you a business that looks for client gifts? This is a great option for realtors, bankers, and more! Instead of that bottle of wine that is gone in 90 minutes, this book will be an adventure that you hand your clients that keeps your name in their hands. I have 10 fun ideas below to use for notes to your clients.

–>Reach out to us at 100ThingsWI@gmail.com for a bulk order to pick up that day – autographed or not – your choice.

Here are the 10 “cheesy” inscriptions I came up with that you can put in the books you give your clients:

  1. I hope this book helps you to have an amazing adventure in your new home and create a lot of great memories.
  2. Unforgettable memories ahead with your new home! Get ready!
  3. Welcome to town, I hope this helps you find inspiration in unexpected places.
  4. I hope this helps you connect with locals for unique experiences in your new home.
  5. You will have the best time ever with this book in hand – have an adventure!
  6. Take time to explore all of the unique experiences that your new home has to offer. Connect with locals for an authentic experience, and have the best time ever!
  7. Congratulations on your new adventure – have a great one!
  8. I’m sure this book will be your best guide as you have an amazing adventure in your new home! With its help, you can have an unforgettable time filled with exploration and surprise.
  9. You have lots of great experiences ahead, have an adventure! Good luck!
  10. Happy exploring and have a wonderful adventure in your new home! May this book help you to create tons of amazing memories.

Where else will I be?

Here is the link to my calendar of events – Where to Find Dannelle. I am all over Wisconsin but still have more room on my calendar!

Learn more about my coffee

I touched on it today – but it is available at wholesale pricing if you want to carry it in your own store – Jimmy’s Java has a donation built into its wholesale price as it is a fundraiser for the Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry.

THIS PAGE will take you to the information on my coffee line.

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Thank You !!!

It is people like you who are going to make my mission possible! Together, as a team, we can use this book to help a lot of people.