10 Best Destinations in Europe for Your Money

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If you are constantly browsing the travel websites and dreaming of booking a trip to Europe, than get moving already because it’s time.  With the Euro and the British pound at a pretty low rate so far this year, there is really no excuse. We are taking Miss Sarah to Germany this summer because of the 500th anniversary of the Luther Reformation. It is a heavily covered topic in her fall course: European History, Medieval to Renaissance and the bargains just made for the perfect timing. Check out some of the best places to visit!

10 Best Destinations in Europe for Your Money

Paris, France.

You may not think of the capital of France as an affordable vacation spot, but with the lower airfares to Paris this year, it is now doable on a budget.  Keep an eye on the exchange rate because with the abundance of cafes and restaurants, so once you land in the city of lights, you will find that the hotel rates are as well.

Krakow, Poland.

If history and medieval markets interest you, Krakow is a beautiful to explore.  Flights here are down about 5% this year and hotels will cost you less than $100 a night.  There are plenty of free admission renaissance halls and museums to visit, so pack your bags and leave some rooms for some traditional Polish wooden crafts.

Rome, Italy.

It’s gelato time, so book your affordable flight to Rome as soon as possible.  Flights are the lowest they have been in years and are averaging about $850 round-trip.  Stay in the central district of the city so that you are close to all of the main attractions.  With proper planning you can also find a super deal for around $70 a night on a stellar bed and breakfast.  Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Gelateria dei Gracchi.  It is gelato shop offering dozens of delectable flavors for only around $3 a cone.

Berlin, Germany.

Now here is city to see and for about $850 round-trip you can. And now that Berlin has kicked it up a notch, it has become a more popular place for the “sexy” crowd to party and enjoy a night out.  So, if the club scene and new music is your thing, then Berlin is the place to be.  Hotels are affordable as well averaging $125 a night.

Porto, Portugal.

Here in Porto, which is located in Northern Portugal, you will find an ultra clean and lovely city filled with two and three star hotels in the Old Town district.  Not only are the hotels low-cost, but with the euro down you can also afford to dine in some of their finest restaurants. Known for harvesting and preparing locally grown products, you will have an amazing experience.

Barcelona, Spain.  

Now this will get you packing! Airfare has dropped over 10% in just the last year for tickets to Barcelona.  So you can get to this tourist loved city for under $800 round trip and go around town eating and drinking for mere pennies.

Prague, Czech Republic.

One of the best kept secrets in Europe used to be the city of Prague, but it seems that now folks are starting to catch on.  Prices to travel here are starting to increase just a little, but you can still stay here in a hotel for around $50 a night, but an Airbnb is your best bet at around $40 a night.  Make sure you make it back to your room after indulging in some of the best draft beers in all of Europe right here in Prague.  They only cost about $1-$2 a pint!

Brussels, Belgium.

You don’t have to go to Paris to find romance and chocolate.  Head to Brussels and Chocolate Town here and for less than $500 from all over the United States.  If you are already touring Europe, take an affordable train trip from London and then stay in one of the many hotels or Airbnb’s here for less than $100.

Athens, Greece.

If ever there was a time to visit the wonders of Athens, now is the time. With their economy in the tank right now, it’s your time to take a trip.  Not only are flights a great deal, but hotels, restaurants, and everything else is not only affordable, but travel agents are building packages daily for the travelers.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Did you know that for only around $500 you can fly from the East Coast to Glasgow?  That is just the kind of deal you should take advantage of to start your trip through this beautiful country. From here you can also take the train or Virgin Rail to Edinburgh and all the way to London, too.  Many of the major hotel chains are here, such as Marriott, and they can go for as little as $90 a night.  There is more to Glasgow than the whiskey too!